Boys Faces

This is some kind of creature from the black lagoon... or was it Asda fun-day?... who cares, RUN!

Mowgli better run, this boy doesn't take prisoners!

Half boy, Half.... Hmmm.... no head?


BBBrrrrrrr, Snow Leopard


No matter what their age, they never seem to be afraid to ask for this particular animal! :)

ooh ooh ooh, I wanna be like you ooh ooh...

Better the Devil you know!

The original and still popular amongst the Marvel die-hards! Spiderman in original red is still a favourite!

Here kitty kitty! - the younger ones just cannot resist this kiddies favourite... Raahhhh!

Cyborgs and Robots are a one of our most popular designs.

There is not one event or party that we attend where we're not asked at least once for a variation on the popular spiderman theme!

Let them join the circus for the day with dozens of fun clown faces to choose from!